The Power of Chi "A Force Unknown"

No matter what martial art discipline one engages in, it is not to long before the practitioners comes into contact with the seemingly mysterious force known as "Chi". This concept of energy is inherent in all of the traditional martial arts.

the Chinese call it Chi or Qi; in Japan Ki; in India Prana. Whatever you call this vital life force of intrinsic energy it's potential power is in all human beings.

Chi is invisible, but it's effects can be demonstrated physically. Martial artists perform seemingly impossible tasks with considerable ease by tapping into their Chi energy, the universal life force.

The western mind and intellect works on reasoning. Chi defies reason, since the object of reason is to doubt. To doubt the power of the Chi force is to invalidate the possibility of understanding and using it. When the doubt has gone and the mind is left in a receptive state, Chi energy is allowed to flow naturally and be controlled.

In extreme cases of emergency, when the mind has lost reason, and panic has taken its place, people who know nothing about Chi are able to use it without knowing they are doing so. There are many stories of people who are said to have the strength of ten, when angry or distraught.

Practice of martial arts enables the student to develop and increase their reservoirs of Chi energy by building a healthy and physically fit body. Chi energy is cultivated by a discipline towards bodily control, healthy eating habits, and control exercise. Martial arts exercises seen more suitable for the development of Chi power, as they encourage co-ordination and breathing which leads to synchronisation of mind and body. These important aspects lead to an initial awareness of Chi. The mind and body have to operate in unison in an attempt to reach inner harmony, a state whereby the emotional attitude is calm and confident.

The body acts as a magnet, drawing in the life forces of Chi energy which circulates around the body, waiting to be harnessed and channelled to the correct use. Chi power can  

make you aware of impending danger and provide the extra boost of energy needed to respond to such danger with sharp mental clarity and lightening fast reflexes. It can also be used to heal and repair injuries, whilst controlling the pain. The further you train and delve into the martial arts the nearer you get to perfecting the spiritual side. 

Throughout the quest and study for Chi energy, breathing exercises become more and more important, correct breathing is absolutely essential. Maintained correct breathing will help you double your existing potential in virtually everything that you are doing.

All of the Chinese martial arts emphasise the harmonising of the body's internal power using the internal techniques. The correct terminology for the training of Chi energy is called Chi Kung or Qigong. The Chi Kung system is designed to develop the body internally by increasing the flow of Chi using breathing techniques and special exercises. Unfortunately, Chi cannot be seen to be developed, it is only felt and experienced.

Because Chi cannot be measured or analysed logically, Western science has discounted it's existence for many years. However, the recent success of acupuncture, which takes into account Chi energy flow and the correction of medical world has begun to take seriously the ancient art of Chinese healing.

It is important to anyone contemplating beginning Chi Kung exercises that they receive the correct instruction, as this powerful energy force can harm as well as heal.

To try and discuss Chi training in an article of this length would be impossible. To give the reader a rough outline of the process involved, it is basically a series of breathing and slight body movement exercises. The principle purpose of the exercises is to attain proper circulation of the blood which in turn will ensure emotional stability. Correct breathing ensures the blood is cleansed before feeding the vital organs of the body, which in Chinese Healing are the lungs, heart, liver, spleen and kidneys.

Contrary to traditional Western keep fit exercises, the Chi Kung methods are practiced without exertion or violent bodily movements. The ancient Chinese masters believed that if the internal organs were sound, then anything was possible!